STOP! was a small, independent fanzine dedicated to pop culture, comics, and wild parties. Cartoonist/illustrator J.D. King was the editor, Bosko cartoonist John Holmstrom acted as the publisher, and Bruce Carleton was the art director. A total of nine issues were published between March 1982 and December 1984.

Notes: Dale Ashmun contibuted his "Spare Parts" column (now published in PSYCHOTRONIC Magazine) to all issues. Ken Weiner and Peter Bagge were frequent contributors. Dennis Worden, David Coulson, Mark Voger, Joey Ramone, Drew Friedman and Powell Burns occasionally contributed. Cover stories included The Honeymooners, Bullwinkle, John Candy, The Three Stooges, and Soupy Sales. The most interesting features were usually the obituaries.






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